Publications & C0mmissions:


In ELLE magazine I talk about my switch from fashion designer to collage artist and share some of my favorites with you. The creating of collage art has an ungraspable feature which makes it exciting. It is an interplay with images which emerges from your hands and falls into place at a certain moment. My favorites in the area of secondhand design, fashion and sustainability

ilove illustaration gallery

Exhibition with a selection of my collage work at the beautiful 'ilove illustration gallery' in Amsterdam. For the gallery I specially made this limited edition collage titled: 'I NEVER MET A STRIPE I DIDN'T LIKE'


'We see, design and create' my interview with Zin magazine in which I tell about my collage work, my roots as a fashion designer and my activities as a sustainable fashion coach. The melting pot for my passion to re-use, create and design. In the magazine you can find some of the collages and jewellery that I have created.

mevrouw cha

Design project for the tea brand Mevrouw Cha.  

Three tea boxes including postcards.We like to share our business values with people who are passionate about making products more sustainable


Collage Cards
. Fantastic cooperation with Haruco~vert Fashion, combining my primary passions: making collages and sustainable fashion. 

Mevrouw Jansen


Jewellery-cards. Re-use of magazines to promote the re-use of second-hand clothing and jewellery. The perfect combination to promote recycling